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Topcliffe Autistic Spectrum (AS) Resource Base


Our AS Resource bases support 36 children.

Each Resource base class is supported by 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant.

Topcliffe Primary School’s has five AS resource bases, accommodating eight pupils in each class. 

At Topcliffe we recognise that some children with AS can find the world confusing and often misleading. Each child is an individual and it is our aim to equip them with specific strategies and support to promote their inclusion and reduce potential anxieties.

Teaching approaches that are used within the resource bases are tailored to the individual and incorporate thinking from a wide range of sources, including TEACCH and structured teaching, social stories and visual support. The curriculum is weighted to address the social, communication and sensory needs of the pupils. All bases provide an ‘AS’ friendly environment to ensure all pupils reach their full potential.

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