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Special Educational Needs

At Topcliffe, we do our best to ensure that the necessary provision is made for any pupil who has special educational needs. We ensure that teachers are able to identify and provide for those pupils with special educational needs, allowing them to join in all school activities together with pupils who do not have special educational needs. If your child has specific educational needs these are identified and an appropriate interventions implemented by the class teacher or support staff. The SENCO will support further assessment of the child where necessary, assisting in planning for their future needs in discussion with colleagues and parents, this may include the involvement of outside agencies to support and advise staff or provide additional specialist assessments.

Partnership plays a key role in enabling children and young people with SEN to achieve their potential. Parents hold key information and have knowledge and experience to contribute to the shared view of a child’s needs. All parents of children with special educational needs will be treated as partners given support to play an active and valued role in their child’s education.

Children and young people with special educational needs often have a unique knowledge of their own needs and their views about what sort of help they would like. They will be encouraged to contribute to the assessment of their needs, the review and transition process.

Parents always have access to the SENCO through telephoning the school if a meeting is required. 

Topcliffe Primary School’s Resource Bases are a celebration of successful inclusive practises for children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum (AS) and children with Specific Language Impairment. The Resource Bases reflect our school’s ethos and ensure all children are fully included in all aspects of school life.

A Resource base is a specialist provision within a mainstream school.

Our AS and Speech and Language Resource bases incorporate individual child centred learning packages which take into account the specific needs of our children. Our aim is to enable pupils to fulfil their potential and successfully return to full- time mainstream provision. To support this we promote strong relationships and effective communication with parents.


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