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The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools in respect of children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months. This applies to both mainstream and non-mainstream settings. In 2012 pupils who have eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years are also associated with this funding.

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit to “close the gap” between children from disadvantaged circumstances and those above the low-income threshold – it is not linked to a specific child but is to be used for overall impact. However, we are held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families.

Topcliffe views the correct allocation of pupil premium funding as paramount if the school is to meet the needs of all its children and to uphold the ethos of our 5 Keys to Improvement.


2012 to 2013 Academic Year


Total Actual Pupil Premium funding: £79,121

Pupil Premium funding for this academic year was spent in the following way:

Improve Teaching Programme: £5,000

To enable higher standards in teaching and learning staff are challenged reflect on their own practice and explore practice that can be enhanced to deliver better teaching and learning.

Educational Psychologist: £36,270

To enable and gain a greater understanding of how our children learn. With the support of the educational psychologists teachers can identify barriers to learning and adapt teaching to ensure effective learning.

Visual Math’s initiative: £37,851

For children to succeed in mathematics enjoyment and motivation is essential. Visual Maths enables children to understand complex operations in simple visual ways promoting greater enjoyment of maths.


Impact of Pupil Premium Funding for 2012 to 2013

With the introduction of Visual Math’s our 2012 results saw a significant increase. In 2012 78% of children (including resource base children) achieved a Level 4+. Without our resource base 94% of children achieved level 4+ in mathematics with 33% achieving Level 5.

Visual Math’s is also having a significant impact on the attainment and progress of all our children across abilities and ages.

Through the ITP teaching programme teaching is now consistently good and our staff reported a greater confidence in being reflective about own practice. When the ITP programme is linked with the work of our education psychologists the school is seeing accelerated progress.


2013 to 2014 Academic Year


Total Actual Pupil Premium funding £114,300

Pupil Premium funding for this academic year was spent in the following way:

Visual Math’s initiative: £40,000

Following on from the previous year’s success in mathematics Pupil Premium was used to further extend enjoyment in mathematics.

Enabling Enterprise: £22,500

As a partnership school with Enabling Enterprise the school promotes a wider curriculum and enriches learning by using the context of business and enterprise to challenge literacy,

numeracy, communication and language skills, through excellence and achievement.

Educational Psychologist: £10,000

To ensure continued impact and research into what constitutes a good learner the school continues to work with educational psychologists.  Topcliffe is continuing in its aim to identify barriers to learning and adapt teaching to ensure effective learning.

Speech and Language Support: £27,040

A significant barrier to learning, achievement and attainment is the reduced capacity to effectively communicate. Through this support Topcliffe is able to support children who find communication and language difficult so that they may gain full access to the full and enriched curriculum.

I-pads: £14,760

To support teaching and provide greater access to technology that supports learning additional I pads have been introduced. The introduction of these devices has enabled Education Psychologists and speech and language to gain further insight into how children learn. 


Impact of Pupil Premium Funding for 2012 to 2013

2013/2014 Pupil premium funding enabled our children to achieve the following results and the end of Key Stage Two. 92% of our funded children achieved a least Level 4 in reading and 85% achieving at least level 4 in writing. 100% of children achieve a level 4 in maths.


In Key Stage One speech and language support allowed 70% of our children to exceed national expectation in phonics testing. This result is 12% higher than the national target of 58%. In addition funding in Key Stage One SATS enabled pupil premium children to achieve 69% in reading, 69% in writing and 85% in maths. 


2014 to 2015 Academic Year


Total Actual Pupil Premium funding £170,300

In the forthcoming academic year the allocated pupil premium funding will be used to:

Speech and Language Support: £25,000

Continue to provide access to speech and language support and intervention

Attendance: £1,300

Improve attendance and punctuality by appointing and attendance officer. Funding will enable the school to support and work with families to ensure that children receive a full education.

Education Psychologists: £42,900

Continue to support the emotional learning of children by continuing work already undertaken with Education Psychologists. Funding will be used to identify barriers to learning and identify intervention strategies that enable full access to education, progress and achievement.

Additional and Wider School Reading: £5,400

To raise standards in reading, by providing greater one to one support, in addition to the classroom. This will enable the school to consolidate and embed reading skills.

Outdoor Education Provision: £32,000

Specialist Outdoor Education Instructor. To support communication and language development and skills, to enrich the curriculum and provide active learning opportunities that challenges the development of the whole child.

Additional Teaching Support: £53,672


The school receives additional funds to support the development of Physical Education and Sport in school (Sport Premium). This money is in addition to the curriculum funding for PE and Sport from the main school budget.


Funding for the 2014/2015 academic year is £9,000 and this funding is used by Topcliffe to enhance Physical Education and School Sport. This year the school will use the funding to:


* Continue its link with Central Coaching to provide high quality PE teaching

and sports coaching.

* To provide extra-curricular opportunities for children.

* To undertake educational research with educational psychologists into the impact and value of regular, challenging and engaging outdoor education.

* To enable the procurement of high quality resources to support the work of our full-time specialist outdoor education instructor so that high quality and engaging activities can be effectively delivered.

At Topcliffe we recognise the contribution that PE and school sport can make to the health and well-being of all our children. We firmly believe that an exciting, varied PE curriculum, combined with high quality outdoor education and extra-curricular opportunity promotes the schools ethos. Topcliffe views High quality PE and School Sport as key in promoting academic excellence, emotional resilience and well-being.


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