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Published by: MR I Lowe | Date: 09 February, 2017 | Categories: News


Dear Parents and Carers


At the beginning of December, Topcliffe Primary School converted to Academy Status and now sits at the centre of the Community Educational Partnership. At the centre Topcliffe is able to support and collaborate with other schools to develop education policy, practice and ultimately raise standards to develop opportunities for all our children at Topcliffe.


Academy status allows Topcliffe to grow, develop and strengthen its position as the sponsor school (Lead School) of a Multi-Academy Partnership that champions and promotes equal opportunities and outcomes. Topcliffe more than ever has a greater chance to cultivate and inspire children, to develop resilience, independence and a love of learning.


Academy status does not mean that the school is failing or that it has been forced to convert. Academy status does not mean that the standards of teaching and learning have diminished.  To the contrary it enables the school to share high quality practice, offer support, develop teaching and learning, drive policy and practice and share in the professional development of staff.


Furthermore, Academy status ultimately leads us to improved outcomes for children, staff and the wider community, as we firmly believe that education is the key to accelerating community development, raising aspiration and changing lives.


As you will now be aware, Mr Taylor is stepping down from the Headship at Topcliffe to undertake a new role within the trust and take on a secondment opportunity as a consultant for a leading educational company. This post is not only great for the development of Mr Taylor, but also for the trust and it fully supports the goal of the community education partnership as outlined overleaf.


May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Taylor for his hard work and dedication to towards the children and the community of Topcliffe in his role of Head teacher.



Goals of The Community Education Partnership


  • To celebrate the uniqueness of every academy and community; we celebrate diversity not conformity.


  • To create opportunities for like-minded, inclusive schools to work together in supporting each other to deliver better outcomes for all young people.


  • We believe that academy improvement is a team effort; we embrace trust, collaboration and innovation in order for the community to succeed.


  • We bring academies and educational leaders together for the mutual advantage of the wider community. 


  • As a trust we bring significant academy improvement experience that can be deployed quickly bringing about demonstrable impact.


  • The trust is developing a strong leadership pipeline that enhances long-term sustainability and capacity for on-going improvement in your context.


  • Our multi-agency approach enables us to share our skills, maximise our collective resource and embrace inclusion.


  • Your local community priorities will support and guide you in delivery of local strands in your curriculum plan (such as healthy living or higher aspirations).


As the school moves forward, it will be temporarily led by Mr Slattery with the support of Miss Taylor. The trust will also be supporting the leadership team during this period to ensure stability and high quality teaching and learning is maintained. In the coming week the school will be announcing the new Head teacher.


This is an exciting development for Topcliffe to be at the centre of influencing education across Birmingham and beyond.


I wish to thank all parents for their continued support and assistance in moving the school ever forward.

Yours sincerely


Ian Lowe      

CEO Community Education Partnership

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