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National Science Week 2016

From Monday 14th March, schools across the country were promoting science and getting children engaged with scientific activities.

At Topcliffe all children were involved in model-making workshops and science investigations. We also had a science-inspired lunch on Wednesday 16th March and two demonstration assemblies to showcase some of the many wonders of science...

Liquid Nitrogen Assembly & Static Electricity Demonstration 

National Demo Day Thursday 17th March

Bubble Play

What's next in Science?

Top 5 Science Challenge - date to be confirmed after Easter
Children have to identify different birds and spell their names correctly. Ask your class teacher for a copy of the KS1 or KS2 help sheet.

Science SATs

Year 6 Science SATs are due to come back in 2018. The children will be tested on their understanding of science topics, their ability to 'work scientifically' (investigate, question, conclude, etc) and their application of this knowledge.

What can parents do at home?

Give your children the chance to explore things; nature, plants, animals, rocks and so on. And give them as many experiences as possible.

Allow your children to research their current science topic to prepare them for their lessons at school.

Encourage your children to ask questions about science and maybe even conduct little experiments or investigations. Here are some question starters to get you going;

What would happen if...?

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